Raise the education and personal development of young people, through the propagation of knowledge and training activities in high quality events.


The conferences and workshops outside the classroom are a key piece in the formation of students, provide knowledge that is not learned in school and must be a fundamental part of any comprehensive academic plan.</p> <p>So committed to education, we strive to bring together the best speakers with topics of national and international avant-garde, where attendees will learn and update on the most important issues worldwide through the experience and personal experiences of the speakers.


More than 2000 attendees, 100 universities and 50 national and international companies gathered in one place that represent a wealth of valuable contacts for the professional development of the attendees.</p> <p>Through the exhibition of projects we seek to generate interaction between universities and students and take those projects to the eyes of international contacts.</p> <p>Companies from different branches offer products and jobs during the days of the congress through stands, presentations and activities.


Through integration activities during and after conferences, we encourage the personal development of young people, where participants can win prizes and scholarships from our sponsors. We promote values such as: trust, integrity, teamwork, honesty and responsibility.</p> <p>Year by year the meeting point is chosen by the same assistants. Knowing one of the best cities in Mexico at the same time you attend the congress raises your personal training and is a plus that makes the congress an unforgettable experience.

What is a Group Leader?
– Travel for free to the ALL INCLUSIVE congress
– Get scholarships and discounts
-Get cash

A Group Leader is the student, teacher or person who gathers and organizes a group to attend the congress. 

 If you go with a group of friends from your living room, university or company you can register as your Leader and obtain exclusive benefits ranging from cash, gifts, to travel and lodging all included in the hotel venue of the congress, or a combination of all the previous ones. You can become a “Group Leader” from 5 people you invite to the congress. Do not worry, we provide posters, flyers, online promotions, constant telephone advice and everything you need for promotion with your colleagues or university.

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